Laser land leveler

  • 12 PJD Series Folding Laser Land Leveler

    12 PJD Series Folding Laser Land Leveler

    1.The arched traction structure provides a certain buffer for the traction force which will protect the frame effectively.

    2.The fulcrum of the scraper moves back and down, which makes it easy to control when the scraper rises and falls. And it is not easy to fall when working to reduce the wavy ground appearance.

    3.Folding scraper, it will put away the scraper when walking to increase the passability,and put down the scraper when working, increase the working width and improve the working efficiency.

    4.The angle of the scraper can be adjustable. According to the different soils, the working angle of the scraper will be adjusted back and forth to make the scraper reach the best working state.

  • 12PJZ series self-balancing laser grader

    12PJZ series self-balancing laser grader

    12PJZ series self-balancing laser grader can use dual receiver or single receiver to receive. When receiving with single receiver, it can be used as an ordinary grader. When double receiving, it can automatically control the flat shovel to always maintain a relative angle with the ground, which can protect the entire The plot has no slope. The corners of the entire field are free of dead corners, and the entire field can be absolutely horizontal or relatively horizontal.

  • 12PJS series deep loose laser grader

    12PJS series deep loose laser grader

    The deep loose laser grader is a farming machine used with high-horsepower tractors. It is mainly used for the mechanization of soil cultivation between rows. In addition to all the functions of ordinary laser graders, It also has deep loosening functions, which is conducive to improving the structure of the soil plough layer, breaking the bottom of the plow, improving the water storage and moisturizing ability of the soil, and promoting grain growth.

  • JP Series laser land leveler

    JP Series laser land leveler

    high-precision land leveling operations.

    Our 1JP series laser land leveler are used with tractors. It is mainly used for flat field operations in dry land, which is conducive to saving irrigation water, increasing output, improving fertilizer utilization rate, land utilization rate, leveling land operation efficiency and achieving

    The frame structure of this product has the characteristics of small operating load, high production efficiency, low operating cost and good land effect, etc. It is a best machine in the promotion of farming and flatland technology.