Peanut picker

  • peanut shelling machine agricultural

    peanut shelling machine agricultural

    peanut shelling machine agricultural 

    1. The peeling and rolling method adopts the principle of dry peeling by iron roller rotation and electric sieving and classification.

    2. The breakage rate of shelled seeds is extremely low, and the shell is made of iron plate powder spraying process, which is beautiful and durable.

    3. The motor voltage is 220V and the power is 3KW. The new copper wire motor has a longer life.

    4. The well-designed special hair dryer has moderate wind and even wind distribution, which can effectively separate the seeds from the shell and optimize the seed recovery rate.

    5. The shelling machine is equipped with high-quality universal wheels, and adopts a unique side-mounted design, which is easy to move.

    6. Small size, efficient and convenient. The peeling rate can reach 800–900 catties (peanut fruit) per hour, and the peeling rate is over 98%.

  • Groundnut peanut picker harvestering machine pirce of High Output Dry And Wet

    Groundnut peanut picker harvestering machine pirce of High Output Dry And Wet

    This Peanut Picker Machine is suitable for dry peanut and wet peanut. Stem adsorption tape, made by special material, makes the stem one-time separation of debris under the effect of wind.


    1. The breakage rate is less than 1%

    2. Simple and flexible to operate, easy to use

    3. Can work with motor, diesel engine or contact to the tract rear shaft easy to move

    4. The secondary sorting using eccentric vibrating screen structure, and the separation effect is ideal.

    5. The peanut picking machine adopts enlarged rollers and thicker materials, which has more stable performance and stronger continuous working ability. The operation of all parts is coordinated.

  • Full-feed peanut picker

    Full-feed peanut picker

    1. Full-feeding type: Just throw in the seedlings directly, and the seedlings will be separated automatically.

    2. Both dry and wet use: dry peanuts, fresh flowers, can be used for fruit picking.

    3. Efficient, picking rate better than 99%, loss rate less than 1%.

    4. Two big tires: Easy to move, can move freely in the field and courtyard.

    5. Optional for 38-70 Hp tractor PTO.
    6.Long service lift:Big drum, thick material